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Ridgewood's Best Renovation and Painting Contractor

We are Eco Renovations & Painters, a top-performing renovation & painting company in Ridgewood, OH that is customer-focused.

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Residential Painting Contractor in Ridgewood


ECO Renovations is the most effective local painting contractor. We are ready to assist you with your next residential paint job.

Ridgewood's Commercial Painting Contractor


The Eco Renovations crews have more than twenty years experienced in commercial property painting, including interior and also exterior paints for high-rises buildings.

Home Renovation Contractor in Ridgewood


All types of renovations can be done by Eco Renovation contractors from residential to commercial properties.

Curious about us?

2022's Best Renovation and Painting Contractor in Ridgewood, OH

Eco Renovations is an well-informed and also expert painting and also renovation firm. With more than twenty years of combined experience, our goal it to supply high quality work while conserving the environment for your home and also neighborhood.We can help you find exactly what you need. You desire sleek lines and also smooth surfaces. You are looking for the most effective name-brand also paints. You expect a crew who is well-informed, well-informed, energetic, punctual, truthful, reliable, and also driven to complete your renovations.. Any  renovation and painting services near Ridgewood, OH, we are capable of delivering.

What makes us best?

We Upheld 4 Core Values


Customer Support

Our team listens and also is attentive to each customer’s individual requirements. We listen to our customers. Our expert opinions are then supplyd to ensure that we can best serve each customer’s painting requirements.


Value – We go above and also beyond what our customers need. All of our painting services come with a guarantee.


Sincere and also integrity are the most effective business practices. Each house painting company we work with has our hallmark of honesty. It is about the lasting impact of our work on our communities.

Service Guarantee

We guarantee all our work, no matter if it is painting or any other type of renovation. We believe in getting it right the first try. We take your investiment seriously and also will fully commit to it.

What we do?

Our Services


Residential Painting Contractor in Ridgewood, OH

ECO Renovations is the most effective local painting contractor. We are ready to assist you with your next residential paint job. Our expert painters can handle both exterior and also interior painting projects. We’re well-informed in both interior and also external painting. Our goal is to supply complete customer satisfaction in a very short time.

ECO Renovations can help you hire a expert painting contractor in the Ridgewood area. Call (937) 813-8189 today. Our polite, polite staff is happy to assist you in whatever way we can. Any inquiries you might have, our professionals are here to help. You can book your consultation now.

Bedroom Painting

Residential Interior Painting Services Near Ridgewood, OH

The interior painting of your home should be an enjoyable and also rewarding task. You can make the process frustrating and also end up with substandard results. Hiring a expert certified artist to help you with the project is the most effective way to avoid it.

ECO Renovations is here to help you reach all of your interior painting goals. Painting walls, baseboards and also trim, crown molding, doors and also ceilings are just a few of the many services we offer. We will guide you through each stage, keeping your inputs in mind and also being attentive to every detail. With our help, your vision can become a reality.


Exterior Painting Services for Residential Properties near Ridgewood

It’s more complex than buying and also applying paint to your exterior. It takes a lot more knowledge and also skill to get the most effective results. Preparation is also crucial.

ECO Renovations is the most effective choice for your Ridgewood exterior painting requirements. You will avoid common pitfalls that can lead you to poor or short-term results. We can help select the right paints that can withstand also the elements. Our professionals will prepare and also repair any surface for painting. Your home will look incredible for many years.

Commercial Painting Contractor in Ridgewood, OH

You know how important it is for your commercial space to look its best. Eco Renovations is an award-winning commercial painting contractor in Ridgewood. The Eco Renovations crews have more than twenty years experience in commercial property painting, including interior and also exterior paints for high-rises and also hospitals, corporate offices and also stadiums. They also work with malls, national chains and also assisted living facilities.

Commercial painting involves careful planning, coordination, safety measures, and also working in a manner that minimizes disruption to your company. This could mean working weekends, evenings and also off-hours to suit your schedule. You will also need efficient and also low-impact working practices to ensure that your project runs on time and also on budget.

We’re passionate about what our professionals are talking about. We value our commercial partnerships and also aim to exceed their expectations. Because without them, our business would be a failure.


Interior Painting Services for Commercial Spaces near Ridgewood

Eco Renovations has a dedicated, friendly team that is ready to meet all your requirements. They will deliver an outstanding product that will keep your commercial space looking great for years. Because we are committed keeping your property safe, Eco Renovations offers low-VOC or no-VOC paint products. We are even certified Lead Safe by the Environmental Protection Agency

Our services for commercial interior painting contractor in Ridgewood, OH includes Pressure Washing, Parking Lot Striping, Flat Roof Paint Application, Caulking, Drywall Installation / Repair, Light Carpentry Repairs, Door Installation. Get expert painting services for your commercial property by contacting us today.

Flat Roof Paint Application

Commercial Exterior Painting Services Near Ridgewood, OH

Eco Renovations’ exterior commercial painting services in Ridgewood, OH are meticulously planned and also coordinated. This ensures that your business is not disrupted. We can work night, weekends or even off-hours to accommodate your schedule requirements. Our expert exterior commercial paint technicians are well-informed in efficient and also low-impact work practices. This ensures that your job is completed on time and also within budget.

Numerous large local businesses have hired us to do exterior commercial painting in the vicinity of Ridgewood. We are a local company that offers painting services for local businesses. Our goal is to serve the requirements of both commercial and also industrial properties throughout the region.

Ridgewood, OH Renovation Contractor

Any type of renovation services in Ridgewood, OH can be performed by Eco Renovation contractors, residential or commercial. We can help you with any type of renovation, including updating and also modernizing the layout or installing energy-efficient insulation. We can do any type of interior or exterior renovation and also will achieve the results you desire.

We do renovations in Ridgewood, OH such as:

  • Concrete Installations
  • Cracked soffit repair
  • Siding & trim replacement
  • Rotten wood replacement
  • Ceiling Repair
  • Window and also Door Repair + Installation
  • Molding + Baseboard Installation
  • Cabinet + Furniture Installation
  • Roofing
  • Drywall Installations & Repair
  • and many more.
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Reasons why you choose Eco Renovations


We are known for our competitive pricing and also high quality painting services in Ridgewood, OH. yet, our highest priorities are the customer and also the environment. We promise 100% customer satisfaction and also will do everything in our power to make sure it happens. Respecting the environment where we work is important to us. also, we take safety precautions to ensure that our customer and also crew are safe.

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